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Dear customers and friends!

ASIC monitoring and autocontrol service ASIC.TOOLS has been working for more than six months completely free of charge. During these six months the service was used by more than 485 people who have added more than 4,600 devices to the monitoring.

We want to note that the lack of monetization prevents the service from developing dynamically, adding new features and types of devices and responding promptly to customer requests.

We considered all the options for the development and monetization of the service and came to the conclusion that the ideal model would be work according to the freemium standard. As before, you can use the service for free with a slightly truncated functionality (for this you will need to turn off the notification and autocontrol functionality of the asic) or use the full functionality. But in this case, your asic once a day will switch for 20 minutes to work for us. In other words, as a payment for using the functionality of the service, your asik will mine on us 1.3% of the time.

We also provided a lightweight payment option. In case you do not use auto-control and notifications at the same time, and you use only one function, asic will switch for 20 minutes only once in 2 days (0.65% of the time).

Transition to this system is planned from 11th to 18th February. No additional action is required from you. But if you do not agree with this model of work, you can turn off notifications and autocontrol for your devices until 11th February. In this case, nothing will change for your asics.

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