Autocontrol Rules

Device management

The autocontrol function stays on two comands, the devices can get in the moment when it sends the statiatic data and can get command from our service

  1. Resave of the pools (Resave)
  2. Reboot of the device (Reboot)


Often we can solve the main reason of the hashrate fall by updating the parameters of pools and workers. It can be done on the page of settings in web-panel of the device or by entrusting the management to the service. Resave comand takes minimal amount of time becouse it doesn`t need fisical reboot of the device.


In some cases, when the re-saving of the settings of pools and workers does not solve the problem of a low or zero hash, the device must be rebooted. The reboot procedure takes time to physically reboot the device and the connection time to the pools. Therefore, the total execution time of the command depends on the device and can take up to 10-15 minutes.

Applying rules *

In cases of incorrect device operation (hashrate below 80%), the service turns on an automatic control mechanism that operates according to the following algorithm:

If the applied rules were unsuccessfull and 15 minutes have not returned normal values again, the system will notify you (if this is allowed in settings) and will stop responding to incorrect device operation until the problem is fixed.

* Autocontrol rules will not be applied if this setting is disabled for the device.

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