ASIC monitoring and autocontrol service

The service can be free of charge indepedently of the number of devices*

* Service charge and conditions of using
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Autocontrol service

Device control

The main advantage of the service is automatic control over the device based on monitoring indicators of it. If the hash falls more than 20% below the norm, the service will ask for the device to reset the pool settings, which in most cases is enough to restore normal operation. If this operation does not return the hash rate back to normal, the device will be sent a command to reboot. After completing these two scenarios, you will be notified in the Telegram instant messenger if the device hashrate will not rise back. Also you will be notified of the complete lack of communication with the device.

No special gadgets for device management

Easy connection to the service

You can connect to the service any number of devices in different places without special equipment. Most devices are connected in a few mouse clicks. To see instructions for adding a device, go to the page Add Device.
If your device is still not in the list write us using the form at the bottom of the page.


"Anti Theft" System

You will always know from which IP address your device is operating

Free of Charge*

The service can be used for free of charge regardless of the number of devices.
* Service charge


Installing the script on most popular ASICs occurs in 2 clicks. There is no need to understand the operation of SSH or telnet

Everything in 1 Place

Control is possible from under one account regardless of the number of locations where devices are located

Mass Action

The ability to change pools for the group of devices at once


The ability to group devices by placement

Silent hour

The ability to mute alerts in Telegram at certain hours

Are served by the service






Device types

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