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How does it work?

If you are a professional miner, or have just a few devices for generating crypto currency, you are probably familiar with a number of problems and tasks that you must periodically solve to ensure the effective operation of your devices. They can be divided into 3 types of tasks:

The work of the monitoring and automatic control system is performed by our sh script (for asics powered by linux, and powershell script for windows rigs) working under operating system of the device itself. At the primary setup, the script will be copied to your miner, which regularly sends statistical data for monitoring in an encrypted form. The installation of the script may vary depending on the type of device and is described on the page How to add a device.

Using the service, you will save time for monitoring the status of mining devices. When there are some problems with its operability, the service will automatically take measures to eliminate possible reasons for not working properly and will notify you in the Telegram messenger if autocontrol is not able to solve the problem.

Also the main advantage of the service is the possibility of group editing of such parameters of device configuration as pools and workers. This function will allow you to change the pool addresses for several devices aty once.

Device monitoring

Each device connected to the service sends its status information every 3 minutes. Based on monitoring data of each device, a number of rules can be applied for automatic control of it. How to add a device to monitoring is described below.

Device control

The main advantage of the service is automatic control over the device based on monitoring indicators of it. If the hash falls more than 20% below the norm, the service will ask for the device to reset the pool settings, which in most cases is enough to restore normal operation. If this operation does not return the hash rate back to normal, the device will be sent a command to reboot. After completing these two scenarios, you will be notified in the Telegram instant messenger if the device hashrate will not rise back. Also you will be notified of the complete lack of communication with the device.

Device configuration changes

The service provides the possibility of group change of addresses of pools and workers for mining devices of the same type. To do this, go to the page Monitoring, note one or several devices of the same type and in the form that appeared from the bottom choose the action "Change pools".

Which devices can be connected to the service?

At the moment there are instructions for connecting to the service of the following devices:

Question about the possibility of connecting a device that is not in the instructions you can ask send to support@asic.tools

How to add a device to the service?

You can read the instructions for connecting your device to the service by clicking on the link How to add a device.

How to delete a device from the service?

To remove a device from the monitoring system, follow the instructions from the page How to delete a device.

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